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Class Information

Ballet Foundations

Come enjoy the beauty and grace of classical ballet! This class will cover basic ballet positions, steps and vocabulary with a focus on the student's awareness of proper posture and body alignment. Standing barre work and center floor exercises will be given to enhance coordination, strength, balance and flexibility. Participants will also develop a sense of musical awareness and movement quality. Great for beginners or dancers who have been away from the barre for a while.

Theatrical Dance Youth (Age 7-13)

This super fun class incorporates song, dance, spoken dialogue and improvisation. We work closely with each student, identify and highlight their gifts and help them grow and bring their character's to life.  Each semester or term will have a unique theme. Always age appropriate.

Tribal Belly Dance with Ms. Rose

A modern western branch of Belly Dance which fuses classical technique with a modern urban flavor. Inspiration is drawn from North African, Indian and Middle Eastern dance.  We begin with the basics and build up to group improvisational style.

Ms. Rose loves that this style of dance promotes community and many of the steps and patterns are standard which means you can participate in group improvisational belly dance with other tribal troupes.

Classical Jazz Dance

This class is strongly focused on technique and choreography.  We draw tons of inspiration from the works of Bob Fosse and Broadway style. We perform regularly, though it is not mandatory.  Members from our jazz classes usually move on to join Mystique Dance Ensemble.  Mystique has served our community since 2005 collecting food for shelters, toys for tots, entertaining our seniors, raising money and supplies for needy children and more. Mystique has also participated and placed in several local dance competitions.

Fitness Classes

Our fitness classes include cardio dance, weight training, stability ball work, mat Pilates, boxing, HIIT and more. You name it and we do it. We mix up each class with an element of 3 modalities to keep it interesting and fun.  We also offer concentrated pop up classes in just one discipline such as Boxing 101.

Gentle Yoga  *Restorative * Yin * Mindful Flow

These classes are great for the beginner level student, students with limitations or any level student who enjoys breathing through their asana (pose) and practicing more mindful and slower flows. We place a strong emphasis on alignment and technique. We incorporate pranayama (breath), asana (poses) and meditation. We also offer pop up sessions such as The Eight Limbs of Yoga, Meditation 101, Building a Personal Practice and more. Ms. Rose offers private sessions for those interested in the practice of yoga beyond the poses.

Social/Partner Dancing/Wedding Dances

These sessions are scheduled by appointment and are private lessons.  Learn the basic steps of partner style dances such as Salsa, Foxtrot, Waltz, Swing and more. Learn the technique of Lead/follow. You don't need a partner to learn.

We offer custom services for wedding parties and other social events. We have choreographed many wedding dances for bride/groom, daddy/daughter, mom/son and taught party line dances to the entire bridal party.

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